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Complimentary perks including upgrades, hotel credit, breakfasts & early check-in/late check-out

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Complimentary Amenities & Benefits

For the same price as booking direct*

Over 3000 Hotels Worldwide

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Unlike Competitors

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Maximise Value

Current Exclusive Offers

A selection of our favourite properties, hand-picked for their character and service

What makes us different?

The Comperk Difference

The world’s largest selection of bookable luxury hotels online offering complimentary amenities/perks

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Backed by a highly respected full service luxury travel agency with 24/7 human phone/email support

Personalised Introductory Email to Hotel Manager

Worldwide Concierge

Our Bespoke Services

Unique Experiences

African Safaris, Behind The Scenes Access Worldwide, Italian Culinary Journeys and much more

Luxury Transportation

Private jet, superyacht and luxury ground transportation worldwide

Travel Concierge

Receive 24/7 Trip Support & Personal Assistance

Corporate, Event & Group Travel

Preferred Rates and Trip Management For Complex Itineraries

Lifestyle Management

Annual Subscriptions Available For Domestic Duties & Home Errands

Discounted Business/First Class Airfares

Potential Savings Of Up To 70%

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